Fat Grip (Pair)

Fat Grip: Transform Your Grip Strength

Unleash new levels of strength and muscular development with our Fat Grip, an innovative tool designed to intensify your workouts.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Grip Diameter: Increases the thickness of any standard barbell or dumbbell, challenging your grip strength.
  • Durable Material: Made from high-density, non-slip rubber, ensuring durability and a secure grip.
  • Versatile Use: Easily attachable to barbells, dumbbells, pull-up bars, and more.


  • Strengthens Forearms: Amplifies muscle activation in forearms, hands, and entire upper body.
  • Improves Lifting Technique: Promotes better form by reducing the ability to overgrip, leading to more effective workouts.
  • Adaptable for All Fitness Levels: Ideal for both beginners and advanced athletes looking to enhance their grip strength.

Compact & Convenient:

  • Portable: Lightweight and easy to carry, perfect for gym or home workouts.
  • Simple to Use: Just snap them onto any standard bar and start your workout.

The Fat Grip is your ultimate solution for developing a stronger grip and unlocking new gains in strength and muscle development.

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