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Introducing the visionary behind Iron Fist Pro, none other than Mr. Pakistan himself, Iron Fist Pro!
Our CEO isn’t just a fitness aficionado—he’s a national icon renowned for his awe-inspiring physique. A multi-award winner, Shoaib is a tireless advocate for healthy living, inspiring countless individuals to embark on their own fitness journeys. Discover the story behind his enduring passion for wellness as he continues to set the standard in the global fitness community.


Introducing Shoaib Zahoor, Pakistan’s esteemed professional bodybuilder, standing at 5’7″ and tipping the scales at 175 lbs. A proud Lahori hailing from Punjab, Shoaib boasts an impressive resume with credentials in sports medicine, athletic training, bodybuilding, and fitness nutrition. He etched his name into the history books on March 31, 2001, shattering records as the youngest individual to ever claim the title of Mr. Pakistan at just 21 years old.

History & Background

Shoaib’s foray into bodybuilding wasn’t exactly written in the stars. Initially, he had his sights set on academic achievements, but after facing obstacles in securing a spot at a top-tier college, his path took an unexpected turn. It was during this pivotal moment that he stumbled upon the world of bodybuilding. Fueled by months of relentless discipline and sweat, his interest in human physique sculpting took flight. As he juggled his academic commitments, his zeal for bodybuilding soared, unlocking new and unexpected avenues in the industry. In 2000, he clinched the coveted title of Mr. Punjab University and dominated the national championship for three consecutive years (2000-2002). This unstoppable rise within Pakistan eventually catapulted him to global stardom, as a series of high-profile victories thrust him into the international bodybuilding limelight.

International Journey

In 2006, Shoaib Zahoor took his talents to Miami to compete in the prestigious Muscle Mania Universe Championships. With steadfast support from his colleague and fellow bodybuilder, Ashfaq Butt, Shoaib overcame jet lag and water retention from a grueling 17,000-mile flight to deliver an unforgettable performance. Although he narrowly missed the championship title, he made a lasting impression by landing a spot among the competition’s top five contenders. This impressive feat catapulted him to prominence, earning him a place on NorthAmericanBodies.com’s elite list of top American bodybuilders and fitness models.

Fast forward to 2007, and Mr. Pakistan made history yet again, this time clinching victory in the middleweight category at the NPC USA IFBB Bodybuilding Championships in Michigan. Not only was he the first Pakistani to compete in the National Physique Committee (NPC) event, but he also walked away with multiple accolades, including the coveted NPC card and qualification for a pro-card. With an ever-expanding fan base in the U.S., Shoaib proudly continues to represent Pakistan on the global bodybuilding stage.


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